Temporary Tattoos for everyone

Bubble Gum Stickers:

In some ways tattoos can be tracked backed to their most rudimentary form: bubble-
gum stickers! Did you know that Topp bubble-gum company was one of the first

to popularize stickers and trading cards in North America? The company was first

established in 1938 in New York City and it was the creator of the infamous Bazooka

gum and comics. Even now their Wacky Packages series is a sought-after collector’s


Transfer tattoos:

Speaking of bubble-gum, it was the Fruit Stripe Chewing Gum that included the first

transfer tattoos in their gum packages. Though the first prototypes were of poor quality

and easily rubbed off your skin, they were a fun novelty item. These temporary tattoos

are still used in cinematics, to add to the actors’ characters (if he or she is a tough biker

for example), and are either airbrushed on or done with washable ink.

Airbrush tattoos:

The process of airbrushing is usually referred to as nebulization, which really means the

distribution of liquid through a spray nozzle. In airbrush tattoos a spray gun tool is used

to distribute paint or ink over the surface of the skin to create a beautiful, but temporary,

image. This process is usually used for tattoos and perfumes but is also currently the

biggest trend in professional makeup!

Henna tattoos:

Henna tattoos are semi-permanent in the sense that the henna ink penetrates the skin

and binds with its keratins. Henna or Mehndi, originated in the South Asian tradition

is unfortunately only limited to shades of brown, red and pale black. Being semi-
permanent they cannot be washed with a simple soap rinse and actually fade with your

skin’s natural shedding cycle. Did you know Henna is also used in natural hair dye

products and is a very nourishing and safe way to colour your hair?

Ballpoint pen tattoos:

Yep, that’s a thing. Ballpoint pen tattoos are exactly how they sound: tattoos made by

a ballpoint pen. Remember being bored in class and drawing on your hands? (Hey, at

least you’re not vandalizing school property by drawing on the table!) Well, tattoo artists

take it to a whole new level and create gorgeous artwork that can be easily washed with

some old-fashioned bar soap. Some artist even use pens to sketch their tattoos before

going over with a permanent ink. Good thing too, because you can always erase and

redo pen!


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