Permanent makeup eyebrow and eyeliner


Eyebrow and Eyeliner Tattoos:
How would you like to wake up in the morning and not have to go through the monotonous routine of doing your makeup? With some permanent makeup it’s a dream that can become a reality!
‘Okay, hold up, “Permanent Makeup”? That sounds horrible! Having a thick, gunky layer of foundation just sitting on your face and impossible to remove so you’re stuck sleeping in it EVERY DAY of your life?’
Eh, no… Not exactly. Permanent makeup simply refers to tattooed makeup; so there’s really no gunk on your face and you can usually wake up, dab some foundation on your face and bolt out the door –without filling in your eyebrows or doing an elaborate cat-eye.
‘But, it’s… permanent!’
Yes, that is a scary thought, especially if you love to vary your looks daily and do seasonal-themed makeup. But let’s face it, unless you’re an actress or a makeup guru, you probably have a few go-to techniques for your eyes and brows.
You know yourself and you know how to enhance your natural beauty and you probably reuse what works for you, and that’s smart. For a busy mom or a college student who isn’t makeup obsessed, doing the minimal work and still looking great is a definite plus.
If done professionally it can save you a lot of time and money. And guess what? You’ll be worry free at any pool or beach party because your beautiful eyes and eyebrows will always stay perfect.
Of course, your best bet is to go with something basic and conservative that looks natural, that way you can always go over what you already have for a more dramatic look. The key is to look like your eyes and brows are naturally accentuated without layers of mascara and eyeliner.
The good news is you will never have to fill your eyebrows again and they will always look full and perfect even if you over-pluck or forget to pluck altogether. And your eyeliner will no longer be your worst enemy on a stressful morning. No longer will you have the right eye drastically different the left, because a professional lined your eyes –so you will never have to, ever again!


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