Body painting versus tattoo

Body paint and tattoos done with today’s technology and array of color can look very similar (at first), and indeed they have some obvious similarities: they’re both striking and can display very unique and innovative designs; they both take a lot of time, effort and mastery to accomplish; and they’re both able, with that mastery, […]

3D Abstract Tattoos

3D Abstract Tattoos: Abstract tattoos blur the line between art and body art. Like art, abstract tattoos express the complex human mind: dreams, beliefs, loves and life philosophies that cannot be expressed in a concrete image of something clear cut and familiar. Not everyone wants to express their freedom with an image of a soaring […]

3D Flowers and Nature tattoos

3D Tattoos: 3D tattoos are the next level of expression. Yes, they take much longer and in that sense they are more expensive and a little more painful (but hey, some enjoy the process more than others) but the final product is all the more impressive. 3D tattoos really make a statement, and rather than […]