Kids Temporary Tattoos and Stickers

Kids Temporary Tattoos and Stickers:

There’s a few wonderful things about temporary tattoos:

One, they’re painless;

Two, you can always change your mind later;

Three, they’re pre-made and take out off the pressure of a daunting decision; And four, they’re also great for kids!

Kids look up to their parents and older siblings, always wanting to do “grown-up” things, and really why should adults get all the fun? Temporary tattoos and stickers are a viable option for kids in place of a “real” adult tattoo. There are hundreds of options, colorful cartoon characters, flowers, cars and animals –just like in the real world.

Many stylish parents and celebrities like to dress their children up as little adults: complete with cool-framed glasses, designer clothes (like T-Shirts with clever phrases) and even tattoos. Maybe they’re trying to create a mini-version of daddy or mommy?

Of course the subject of tattoo for kids is somewhat controversial. Is it all right to introduce tattoos to children at such a young and impressionable age? That’s a choice only a parent can make, but when approached with the right mind-set tattoos can be a fun way to spend time with your kids.

Where to get them? Your local fun-fair might have a tattoo stand where they either use transfer tattoos or paint them right on your arm. Stickers are still offered in gums and sometimes, for special promotions, in cereal boxes, cookies and fruit bars – all the things kids love to eat and moms buy on a daily basis.

If you prefer to make your own why not make a day of it? Simply use the stamping method. Your local hobby or toy store would have little rubber, foam or plastic stamps with detachable bottoms. They usually have at least 12 different images to choose from (though some have more). Buy body-paints that are safe to use on sensitive skin (you can test a small patch of skin the day before), and go crazy! This will make your very own “transfer tattoos”.

You can also use the body paint and paint each other silly. Use glitter and beads along with a gentle skin adhesive to decorate your tattoo and add some girly flair. Or use a stencil of your child’s favourite characters and preferences if you’re not that great at drawing. Just remember: doing things together is where the fun really starts!


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