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Novelty Tattoos:

Laughter can be a medicine and for some quirky people, a way of life. Since people use tattoos to express their personalities and beliefs, it’s not uncommon to see many with very serious or spiritual undertones. If you were to spot some of the funny tattoos shown in our gallery, you would probably become puzzled and wonder, “Why would anyone have a permanent tattoo that is so silly and frivolous?” Though beyond our comprehension, people choose to commemorate some of their favorite memories or personal statements with a touch of humor. These tattoos may seem very outlandish to us, but to them, they have great significance and meaning.

Laughing at your own insecurities can be an admirable strength. Here is a man who turned his fear of balding into a funny conversation starter. Instead of letting his fear and insecurity get the best of him he decided to tattoo a lawn mower on his scalp where the last of his hair remaining hair is still growing. So instead of anyone making a rude comment or a joke about his balding, he can be the one to always have the last laugh!

Here’s another balding man taking charge of his confidence. His tattoo puts a new spin, a literal spin, on the idiom “eyes in the back of the head”. Nobody can use that expression as readily and as believably as this man can. He put a lot of effort into it, even shaving parts of his head while leaving other intact, like the eyebrows. There’s no doubt, he must pride himself in his talents of perception.

You may be wondering if there’s a biker convention in town, because someone left a whole lot of hogs unattended. This seems like a hoax picture at first, but the fact is, quite a few beginner tattoo artists practice their skills on pigs (if their family relatives are unavailable). Pigs’ skin is very similar to human skin in texture (I know, not flattering) so they’re great as practice guinea pigs, excuse the pun. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt them. The more subcutaneous fat, the less painful the tattoo.

Here’s something you see often if you’re a frequent visitor to the blogging world. There’s no need to sign in to leave a comment, just address it to this guy right here. He’s willing to listen. His tattoo seems to be saying, that the internet has served us well but face to face, or rather, face to ear, interactions cannot be beat.

You can’t undermine the love that two people feel for one another. But much more importantly, you can’t ignore the love of those two people have for TOAST. It may be something that eludes you and I, or any avid low carber, but these two soul-mates know something that we’ll never experience first hand: love starts in the stomach.


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