Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing: An Introduction…

It is believed the practice of ear piercing is nearly 5,000 years old, according to the findings in archeological diggings. Ancient Egyptians, for example, used piercings to denote social class; studs were reserved for nobility and golden hoop earrings were available for all citizens. In Ancient Greece, common earring pendants shaped like birds or iconography of their deities, while in Rome gem stones were worn by the affluent women of society. Later during the civilization of Europe, earrings weren’t nearly as common. Headdress, clothing, wigs and hairstyles often obscured ears from view and so ear piercing was deemed unnecessary. Earrings came in and out of fashion in later years in Spain, Italy and North America until clip-ons became a popular alternative to piercing.

Now, however, ear piercings are more fashionable than ever. Aside from the traditional locale, the middle of the earlobe, it is now common to see piercings all along the ear and even on the targus like Ear Piercing Art. In fact, nowadays it is almost impossible to find a woman who does not have her ear pierced, some even have two or three. Having one’s ears pierced several times along the helix, in conjunction with many small, delicate studs, gives off the illusion that the entire face is lit with a sparkling glow.

Men pierce their ears just as often; celebrities and even musicians sport a single pierced ear with a trademark studs. Celebrities pierce their ears to make a statement: to show their unique personalities or to enhance their looks on the red carpet. In this photo actress Hayden Panettiere is wearing a pendant earring with precious gems which compliments both her skin tone and her gown.

Ear piercings are versatile and come in various styles, the most common of which are: hoops (which vary in size), studs (which are often filled with small gems), and longer more elaborate pendants. Those who choose to be slightly more adventures, have their earlobes stretched and sealed with a round, often wooden, ring; this obscures the pierced fleshy part of the ear and makes it seem as if the wooden ring is an organic part of it. This extreme form of piercing could be traced back to a tribal practice of piercing where the earlobe is stretched in a similar way.

For such a high demand for fashionable earring designs, jewelry makers and mass-producers create many novelty earrings like Cigarette Earring to appease their customers. There are many cool designs that look like anything else than regular earrings: safety pins, screws, bolts, donuts, fruits, insects, etc. The come in a variety of materials too, niobium, stainless steel, sterling silver, surgical plastic and even Swarovski crystals – all you have to do is choose!


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