Ear piercing choices

Ear Piercing choices…

Almost every one in North America has had their ears pierced at least once. This is the case for most women and is becoming quite common for men as well. Earrings never go out of style, though in the 80s clip-ons were far more popular than actual piercings the 90s saw the trend skyrocket in popularity once more. Now ear piercings are becoming more fashionable and more elaborate, and most people who get their ears pierced don’t stop with a single piercing. These days it’s common to see ears decorated with five or more elaborate piercings, sporting chains, flesh tunnels, studs and spikes.

The practice dates back centuries. It’s still a common tribal practice in Africa and was part of ceremonial practice in century Japan. In Europe some distinguished poets with rebellious19th personalities were known to have one of their ears pierced. In a portrait of William Shakespeare, done by Chandos in 1660 for example, you can see a tiny hoop piercing in his right ear. These days the practice is ubiquitous. Some parents even pierce their children’s ears as young as six months of age. You can have your ears pierced at most tattoo parlours, but some clothing and accessory stores geared towards teenagers also offer this service. Nationwide you can have your ears safely pierced at Claire’s or Ardene’s, with your parents’ consent. Most piercing are done with a gun that inserts the earring straight into your year, so no needles are involved; this makes it a safer, faster and more hygienic.

So what are the options as far as ear piercings go? There are at least fourteen possible piercing placements on your ear! (See photo) The possibilities and styles are endless but here are some common ones: studs, hoops, spikes, bajoran earrings (a chain that extends from your earlobe and clips onto your helix), flesh tunnels (which are round bullet-like inserts that stretch out your ear lobe), barbells, dangle and chain earrings. Check out our gallery for ideas and styles of piercings!


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