Cover up tattoos

Cover Up Tattoos:

Many people avoid getting a tattoo because they’re afraid they’ll be stuck with it forever, but is that ultimately true? Botched-up and erroneous tattoos can be removed through laser (if you can afford it) and through intensive chemical peels and microdermabrasion (ouch!), nonetheless the most viable option may come as a shock. If you got a badly made tattoo or changed your mind about the one you have, why not get another one?

“Another tattoo? How is that gonna help?” you ask? I’m simply referring to the cover-up technique, where a new tattoo, often much larger in surface and thicker in ink, is placed on the original tattoo you want covered-up. Like I’ve mentioned above, this is a much cheaper option than having it removed through laser and not as harsh as having it removed through peels and microdermabrasion. However, cover-up tattoos also have their disadvantages.

Most tattoos fade, that’s a given, but having a cover tattoo fade is even more worrisome. Due to the natural sloughing of skin cells, the cover-up tattoo can eventually fade to reveal the old one. Worse yet, the image of the combined tattoos, new and old, can result in something strange and convoluted. Even more problems can arise with cover-up tattoos. If you are trying to cover up a badly done or even a misspelled tattoo, there is no guarantee that this new tattoo will be perfect; some tattoos are so intricate and large that they cannot be completely covered up at all.

There are some common reasons people get their tattoos redone or covered. The first are horrendously misspelled tattoos. If this happens it could be very embarrassing for the wearer and the artist. The second is a breakup between couples who thought they were going to stay together forever and commemorate their love in a permanent tattoo, but later realize that they don’t want to be reminded of that person’s name ever again. Bad quality tattoos that fade too quickly or are just not what you expected from when you first chose them can also be fixed with a cover up. And ultimately, the more you grow the more your personality changes and some things that you thought were cool before seem silly now, so you might want a new tattoo to match your new acquired interests.

As a rule of thumb it’s best to always do your research before choosing a tattoo artist. Never rush into anything. Pick an artist and then pick a design, and just to be safe, go home and think about for a week and make sure you’re positive that this is the one you want. You can also try and request that the artist make a stencil of the design or outline the design before going over it with permanent ink. Also, ask around where your friends had theirs done, especially if you like their tattoos and think it’s a quality job. The bottom line is, it’s always best to avoid a badly done tattoo than to need a cover-up a tattoo later on because you were in a rush to get it.


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