3D Abstract Tattoos

3D Abstract Tattoos: Abstract tattoos blur the line between art and body art. Like art, abstract tattoos express the complex human mind: dreams, beliefs, loves and life philosophies that cannot be expressed in a concrete image of something clear cut and familiar. Not everyone wants to express their freedom with an image of a soaring […]

3D Flowers and Nature tattoos

3D Tattoos: 3D tattoos are the next level of expression. Yes, they take much longer and in that sense they are more expensive and a little more painful (but hey, some enjoy the process more than others) but the final product is all the more impressive. 3D tattoos really make a statement, and rather than […]

3D Tattoos of Animals

Tattoo artistry has come a long way. Tattoos are no longer for your “friendly” neighborhood inmates – they’re for your girl next door, your star-crossed lovers, even your grandma! Now, tattoo art is as esteemed and sought after as graffiti for hip restaurants, and if you can do 3D art convincingly then you’re in demand. When […]