Permanent makeup eyebrow and eyeliner

  Eyebrow and Eyeliner Tattoos: How would you like to wake up in the morning and not have to go through the monotonous routine of doing your makeup? With some permanent makeup it’s a dream that can become a reality! ‘Okay, hold up, “Permanent Makeup”? That sounds horrible! Having a thick, gunky layer of foundation […]

Funny Tattoos

Novelty Tattoos: Laughter can be a medicine and for some quirky people, a way of life. Since people use tattoos to express their personalities and beliefs, it’s not uncommon to see many with very serious or spiritual undertones. If you were to spot some of the funny tattoos shown in our gallery, you would probably […]

Ear piercing choices

Ear Piercing choices… Almost every one in North America has had their ears pierced at least once. This is the case for most women and is becoming quite common for men as well. Earrings never go out of style, though in the 80s clip-ons were far more popular than actual piercings the 90s saw the trend skyrocket […]