3D Tattoos of Animals

Tattoo artistry has come a long way. Tattoos are no longer for your “friendly” neighborhood inmates – they’re for your girl next door, your star-crossed lovers, even your grandma! Now, tattoo art is as esteemed and sought after as graffiti for hip restaurants, and if you can do 3D art convincingly then you’re in demand. When done well 3D tattoos give off the illusion that the image is about to leap off the surface of your skin and come to life. Such poise is especially important for 3D animal tattoos.

Big Cats: One of the most common animal tattoos are tigers, leopards, lions and other big cats. In lore and mythology tigers are a symbol of strength and confidence. Even your average house cat is nature’s perfect hunter. Cats are known for their grace and quiet deadliness but lions, well, they’re royalty for a reason. You can’t go wrong with a lion tattoo.

Insects: Not technically animals, insects and arachnids are becoming increasingly more popular as tattoos. If done with precision and mastery, the shadowing of the legs or tail can look as if they’re moving, or as if there’s an actual spider crawling on your skin. These tattoos are not for the faint of heart but for those with a fascination with the mysterious beauty of the creepy crawlies.

Birds: Oh the majestic bird! There’s nothing more beautiful than a bird’s wings in mid-flight. Flying birds are a symbol of freedom, while the large, keen eyes of an owl are a symbol of wisdom. For those who hear wedding bells in the future, nothing is more appropriate than a tattoo of kissing doves.

Pets: Some people consider their pets as members of their family and in the event of their tragic or well-timed death they like to commemorate them. Some keep little urns on their mantle place and others have their cats, dogs, birds and lizards tattooed on their body. (The rest of us think they’re a little bit crazy.)

Zodiac and Chinese Horoscope: Lastly, those with an interest in astrology and pride for the day they were born might want a 3D tattoo of their Zodiac sign. Zodiac signs have an array of animals and mythological creatures that signify personality traits specific to those born under that sign. There is also the Chinese horoscope that has different animal symbols for each year: monkey, dragon, rabbit, rat, tiger and others; all of these can be born under a specific elements: fire, earth, water or air. Zodiac signs are great ideas for 3D animal tattoos, especially abstract tribal tattoos.


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