3D Flowers and Nature tattoos

3D Tattoos:
3D tattoos are the next level of expression. Yes, they take much longer and in that sense they are more expensive and a little more painful (but hey, some enjoy the process more than others) but the final product is all the more impressive. 3D tattoos really make a statement, and rather than choosing from a collection of ready-made designs you can get creative by designing your own.

3D Sky and Birds Tattoo
This design, for example, looks like an original work of art – something the tattoo artist has put a lot of thought into. The sky appears to be breaking through the skin, dying to get out to the surface, possibly expressing someone’s underlying life philosophy: the heart of a nature lover hides in this body.

3D Black Rose Tattoo
The ankle is a clever and elegant tattoo placement. An image of vines or flowers unfurling up the leg is a common tattoo choice for girls, like this tattoo of a blooming black rose.  The black rose, known for its rarity and beauty, is a symbol of mystic, femininity and elegance and it looks quite sexy on a woman’s ankle!

3D Maple Leaf Tattoo
Canada eh! If you’re a proud Canuck you can’t go wrong with a maple leaf. This beautiful maple leaf tattoo has such a vibrant depth of colours. Its fine details make the leaf look like it has veins pulsing through it as it delicately rest on someone’s shoulder.

3D Pine Tree Tattoo
Here’s another nature lover’s favorite. This beautiful design of a luscious pine almost blends into the wearer’s arm. The tree trunk is so detailed it’s reminiscent of the fibbers of human muscle. The tattoo artist was probably making a point that humans and trees are made from the same spiritual blueprint!

3D Flower and Dragonfly Tattoo
This flower and dragonfly tattoo looks like a beautiful tapestry of colors. The dragonfly almost blends into the background like a hidden gem. It’s always a good idea to choose an elaborate tattoo that reveals more surprises the longer you look at it.

3D Tattoo of Blue Beautiful Flowers

Some tattoos look simple but actually have special meaning behind them. These blue flowers are woven around some mysterious circles. They look like the kind of charts astrologists use to make their predictions, but only the person who wears the tattoo would be able to tell the mystery behind them.


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