3D Abstract Tattoos

3D Abstract Tattoos: Abstract tattoos blur the line between art and body art. Like art, abstract tattoos express the complex human mind: dreams, beliefs, loves and life philosophies that cannot be expressed in a concrete image of something clear cut and familiar. Not everyone wants to express their freedom with an image of a soaring eagle, or tattoo the outline of their favourite U.S state, some want to commemorate the strong impressions they got from dreams, books or movies with a tattoo that is complex and beautiful and unfathomable to the rest of us

3D Abstract Tattoo of Girl It could be an image of someone’s face, a face that came to you in a dream perhaps, or the face of someone’s memory that haunts you even though they’re no longer among the living. You can go the traditional way and have their photo transcribed on a part of your body OR you can completely transform their memory in a beautiful canvas of colours and textures. That is the beauty of abstract tattoos.

3D Abstract Butterfly Tattoo A little more recognizable than the upcoming tattoos in the gallery, yet this butterfly tattoo is far from ordinary. I think that’s one of the strengths of getting an abstract tattoo, instead of getting a regular butterfly you can get an extravagant one, perhaps even inspired by your own vision of it. If you can think it, the artist can make it happen! With an subtract tattoo you can be rest assured there’s not another like it!

3D Abstract Machinist Tattoo Some abstract tattoos are inspired by favourite fictional characters. This one is could be homage to the Terminator. Remember that famous scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, the terminator, is chasing Sarah Connor and his face erodes to reveal the fact he’s a robot covered with human flesh? That’s what it looks like to me.

3D Abstract Tattoo of an Eye This tattoo is quite grotesque. It’s horrifying and fascinating at the same time, like a train-wreck you can’t turn away from. This image could be portraying an image of torture, an eye suspended open while flies swarm nearby. This can either express personal turmoil or a scene from a horror movie! All I can say is: yikes.

4D Abstract Shape Tattoo There’s 3D and then there’s 4D…! What? Does 4D actually exist? Yes, but it’s a dimension humans can only vaguely perceive, in fact there are probably a lot more dimensions the human eye is unable to see. We are only limited to three. This interesting shape could be referencing the Minkowski continuum or the fact there’s so much mystery to the universe our eyes aren’t privy to.

3D Abstract Tattoo of Woman What is this you ask? A woman crying waterfalls into a river or sea that holds the lost city of Atlantis in its depths?! I guess, we can’t know for sure, only the person who wears and designed this tattoo can tell us for sure. To me it looks like the interpretation of a dream: you know how dreams can be confusing and irrational but have a huge emotional impact, without our ability to fully understand their meaning? I think it’s like that with art too. Art and abstract tattoos. It can mean whatever you want it to mean.


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